Saturday, July 22, 2017

Up coming shows for Miss Maybell & Slimpickin's: 

July 28th Shannon Door, Jackson, N.H.
July 29th Vintage Golf Tournament
Aug. 1st The Gazebo, Bradley Park, Fryeburg Me.
Aug. 5th Art in the Park North conway 
Aug. 5th Jackson Public Library , Jackson N.H.
Aug. 10th Brick church, lovell, Me 
Aug. 14th Old Town Public Library, Old Town Me.
Aug. 18th Blue , Portland ME. 
Sept. 6th Music on the mountain Fest,
Sept. 8th Light Club lamp Shop , Burlington VT.
Sept. 9th The Colonial Theater, Bethlehem, N.H. 
Sept. 22nd Shannon Door, Jackson, N.H. 
Sept. 23rd Shillings , Littleton, NH. 
Sept. 28th Wildcat Tavern  Jackson , NH.
Sept. 30th Denmark Arts Center, Denmark Me  
Oct. 6th Club Passim Cambridge MA.
Oct. 15th Dover Public Library , Dover, Nh
Nov. 15th Burwick Maine Historical Society, 
Nov. 18th Wildcat Tavern  
Nov. 24th Shannon Door, Jackson, N.H.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tune in to WMUR-TV to see Miss Maybell and Slimpickin's July 10th 7pm

Tune in to WMUR-TV to see Miss Maybell and Slimpickin's featured on NH Chronicle on July 10th 7pm.

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Upcoming shows: